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Send money to a friend via email or SMS

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Start your Bayad Center anywhere using your phone.

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How can you earn and save money to  invest if you don't have any capital?


1st recommendation


Requirements: Cel Phone and Internet Connection

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Earn 5% of the load amount by using coins.ph App "Buy Load" Globe, Smart, Sun etc.

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More ways to earn to be continued



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BITCOIN -US$ PHP CHART year March 2016-March 2017

I was able to receive  free Bitcoin early October last year and Bitcoin value in peso has been increasing. Every time I have extra peso, I convert peso to Bitcoin. I can also buy bitcoin online in Japan from Manila where I stay and transfer to anywhere in the world.

I can tell that this is better investment than trading Philippine stocks these months and encourage you to try bitocoin investment. You can buy bitcoin in many countries if you can open your account. BTC has been increasing against all currencies, even strong currency such as US$ ,Japanese Yen and getting higher than one once of Gold about $1200 .

You can try without any risk or your investment earned from coins.ph

Below is bitocoin chart from year 2011. If you invested Php1,000.00(one thousand peso)  2012, you could have Php1.2 million today but I think it is very impossible for ordinary guys to understand the future of bitcoin that time. An average guy like me noticed its great potential around the end of last year and believe it's not too late to buy  more bitcoins now after reading many news about more and more companies and governments are adopting  the new blockchain technology for cost, and speed.

Bitcoin is #1 in capitalization value among many  blockchain based cryptocurrencies.


BITCOIN -PHP CHART year 2011-2017


What is bitcoin


I got my first Bitcoin at 1BTC Php33,151 last October 2016 and increased by 56.25% to 1BTC-Php51,800 as of today Feb 5, 2017 .  Now March, it reached Php66,000. Are you interested to start this investment free of charge?

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If you are new to Bitcoin, you can find lots of information on internet. I make it simple. What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new electronic world-wide payment system developed by an unknown person using alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

With bitcoin,

1. you can transfer money anywhere around the world where internet connections are available in minutes or about an hour

2. Transfer cost is very low , 0.002BTC. If you transfer 1BTC about Php50,000.00 transfer cost is Php100.00

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coins.ph Website Page My Wallet

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How to receive more free and bigger amount.

to be continued.....

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